Zoinks, Me and My Moped Is Number One

March 16 2017 - News Update - Ivan

Glen Rose to Weatherford, TX - 38 miles


Left camp around 8;15 and headed north on 144/51 into a town called Granbury,TX had shoulder to run on the most of the way as I was coming into town a couple was waving and a gentleman ran out on the road to motion me in. They had pass me back a ways and drove up to Hood County News and ran in and told Bethany Kurtz (Staff Writer) to come out and telling her you got to see this, I pulled in and Bethany did a news article, will be coming out next week. Thank You Rose Mary and Morris Goodwin for stopping me and Bethany Kurtz for doing a news article to help bring awareness.

Yes, I wore my hat and of course I had to tell them the story.

Morris was also helpful telling me I don’t want to go through town they are doing construction at the square and its a mess he gave me directions to go around town and that was nice.

Headed North on 51 still had plenty of shoulders to travel on, came up to Hooves N Wheels RV park you can bring your horses and they have a place to stay.

The managers were so nice he was in the military 30 years and they told me I could stay here 3 nights its on them.

Very nice park.

I jumped on smiley and went down town to get a few supplies and on the way down their was a lot of traffic 55mph speed limit, I was going about 47 on Smiley I kept hearing some one honking their horn in back of me, wasn’t sure why. I was going with the traffic but little slower and he was able to get around me, their was a shoulder there but had those rough spots to go over and Smiley doesn’t do well on them with the small tires so I stayed in the lane and I knew he had room to get around me. Got to a stop sign and I turn right and he followed and pulled up beside me and it was blank this blank that get off the road or ride the shoulder old man with that blankly thing you have, my hair stood up but I tried to take the high road and left him screaming, as he drove away and yes this is the first time Smiley and I have become number one not only by him but also by his wife waving out the window either he got up the wrung side of bed or his under ware were in a tight knot and pulled up to tight, he had a problem.

I went my way and got what i needed but poor Smiley is very offended.

Think I will be staying here at this campsite until Sunday morning and than move further North to a small town Reno, TX for a few days before I start my trek NW to Amarillo, TX.

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