Wow it was cold

April 6 2017 News Update by Ivan

Sargents, Co to Sapinero, CO Total miles 50

Woke up look out and it was 10 degrees. Wow it was cold. I started Junabilt up and left warm up for 30 minutes and notice my back window was open that is why I couldn’t get the cab as warm. I headed out and the sun came up and was a beautiful day to travel it got up in the 60’s and was loving the scenery and great traveling weather very little traffic.

Lot of cattle along the way and I was seeing elk and deer and even a Bob cat came bouncing out of the bushes when he herd Johnabilt come along. High bush’s along the road way is a great cover, since deer don’t have the tree cover in this area they were hiding in the bushes until Johnabilt flush them out. I was enjoying watching them and Johnabitl as routing them out along the way,. This happen three different times.

Stop for gas and grocers in Gunnison,Co and a lot of people follow me and ask about our mission.

Came up to Curecant National Recreation Park decide to pull in and camp here for the night.

This is so nice the first day I have the door open close to 70 and a lake and mountain view and its not muddy all pave and the park ranger came down and the park ranger came by and thank me for stopping by for the night.

They ask for extra fliers to give out.

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