Warning Beware of Alligators - Woodsville Texas

March 9. 2017 - News Dates - Ivan

Leesville, LA to Woodsville, TX

On the road by 6;30 headed west on 8, I stopped for coffee and was on my way I only had 10 miles to the state line, over the bridge and as you can see didn’t have a very good place to pull off.

wow the roads are smooth the first time my head hasn’t been boboa for 5 days.

Nice rolling country side, folks passing me waving, honking the horns, I pulled in a gas station in Jasper. I soon had a group of people around me as I was topping my tanks off a fellow came by and said could you wait to leave, my pastor is on his way he would love to see your rig.

His name is Ruben Metcall and is the pastor of Jasper Country Cowboy Church.

He soon drop by and he shared how his church is working with veterans.

He invited me to stop by his church said its right along 190. I will be going pass it.

Some of the fellows were city workers and before I left he said, lets pray we all bowed are heads

right on the parking lot of the station and was interesting to see the response of folks around us.

I headed west on 190 Rt 8 turns into 190 when you hit the TX state line and I crawl up this long hill and stopped in at his church.

It was so neat.

I continue to Woodsville and decided to stop at Magnolia Ridge camp grounds just off of 190 a mile off of 190. I was looking forward to having a early afternoon to get caught after and being able to relax. I pass a restaurant close by and decided to ride Smiley down and get a warm meal I am so tired of eating soup for the last 6 days I was back in and no town or restaurant close by.

I pulled up to the office and the clerk was in awe over the rig and the mission but said she needs to call her boss, she came back out and said the boss said they do not allow any tractors in their campsites.

My jaw dropped and I asked to talk with him I got on the phone and of course his response no tractors. I am tired and knew the next camp site might be 20 miles.

I informed him I drove this tractor all over the US, I have over 6500 miles on it and 99 percent do not even charge me because of the mission. Again he said no tractors its a great cause but no tractors. I had a number of other words tip of my tongue to say but decided to take the high road and maybe there was a reason.

Wow Texas is not only big but fast these narrow country roads speed limit 75.

I trek down 190 tired and disappointed got on my GPS and found another one Triple Creek RV Park I turned off on a dirt road as my GPS said and went on and on and rough a dirt road, I couldn’t travel more than 5 mph and now my phone is dieing no GPS I stopped and tried to get my GPS charge up and a truck came by and he told me keep going their is a hard road turn left and a mile up the road turn off to this dirt road and you will find the campgrounds I turned in and no time it was mud ruts logging trucks were using it and it had rain heavy I had to put Johnabilt down in 4th and spare tire rack was dragging glad it was soft wet dirt tires spinning but pulled through again no phone and can’t believe a campground is back here until a logging truck came out and said just keep going another 2 miles of course at 4 mph because of ruts and mud it took me awhile. I am here tires have ever not been this muddy.Looks like I was working ground all day.

Camp ground Manager said no charge and they said they are having a small music fest at 6 and some finger food at 5;30 I am saying to my self yes, something beside soup.

Interesting and tiring day but here safe and that is what counts.

Warning alligators

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