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March 15 2016 - News Update - Ivan

From Crawford to Glen Rose, TX - 62 miles

Left the camp site in Crawford, TX and headed up 6 to Valley Mills a group of Men from Waco Antique Farm Machinery Club met me to have coffee at a coffee shop.

Van Massirer from the club escorted me in town as I was coming into town a local reporter was on the side of the road taking pictures and came to the gas station/ coffee to do a interview.

Had a nice time sharing with the guys and as we departed I mention I would like to come back and see there ranches.

Headed on up 6 started to see hills and yes had to shift down in 5th couple of times. Johnabilt was snorting and grumbling as I was putting up the hill and popping coming down the other side. It was rolling hills the whole way up to Glen Rose.

I had couple different Texans mention I need a cowboy hat and so did the gentleman this morning, Even told me when you go into Clifton turn at the light and their is a western ware on the right so I stopped and took the plunge.

They laugh at me in the store didn’t know much about hats but they fixed me up in fact they thought I should buy some boots and a large belt bucket.

I love the hat but I need to take this one step at a time this a lot of change in one day.

I do love the hat and I feel so much taller and I notice I even step a little higher. Life is good.

Came up to a Livestock auction had to stop and check it out.

notice some of the sheep or goat ranches have one or two donkeys in with them to protect dogs and coyotes.

Continue up 6 and got 144 heading to Glen Rose and got a camp site for the night.

I took a short cut today and about 10 miles was back country just Johnabilt and I and country. I was loving the scenery and the road was great in fact all day today I had shoulder to run on.

I am falling in love with Texas all day had people waving and giving donations when I stop in a gas station they would follow me in.

I see so much good in America and we can get along if we only try and respect each other. I am Bless what I am seeing along my travels, people wanting to help to bring awareness letting our troops and first responders know they are not forgotten.

Hello Fort Worth/Dallas,TX. Hoping to be knocking on your back door tomorrow. I am planning on being up in Fort Worth or close by and will be spending a few days in the area.

I jumped on Smiley tonight and went out and had some Mexican food.

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