Tired Hands after milking 5000 cows

April 13 2017 News Update by Ivan

Delta, Utah to Baker, Nevada

Had a local farmer John Nye his wife Marie and hire man George stop by, they milk’s 5000 cows, his farm is 4 miles north of Delta he heard I came through Town and track me down. He even went and got a friend who is in a nursing home and brought him out to see Johnabilt. His friend has a large collection of Antique JD’s.

Left the camp site at day break and continue west on 50. Passing farming country everything irrigated but it wasn’t long till I got into desert a antelope was running with Johnabilt for a while and number of jacklopes took off when they heard Johnabilt come along.

You notice outside of town a tree full of shoes tied to the limbs.

I got into some beautiful mountain’s and had one pretty big hill to climb, it was a ways up and of course down again got into a valley that was 30 miles wide. I could see the other side but felt like I would never get there.

When I got into the valley the wind pick up and it was a cross wind, it was bad the camper was rocking and when I stop to take a break, Johnabilt was rocking.

I was within 5 miles of the first gas station I thought I could make it, thought about stopping earlier to pump some up but it was so windy and the sand was blowing. I was so close but did run out. I took the flags off in back of camper afraid the poles bend.

I got to the Nevada state line and stop to take a picture of the rig it was blowing so hard had sand in my eyes and teeth. There was a RV park there but I decided I will go a little father see if I can’t find another RV park the sand was blowing so hard and they told me they are having gust of 72 hour winds.

I putted on down the road remembering on my GPS I saw another campgrounds few miles down the road, well when I check it I had no service. I kept going west and saw a sign RV park it was off of 50 5 miles but I putted down the road and found it and the manager was delighted and said no charge. I don‘t have any service to blog tonight but I have a good spot to stay tonight its windy but not sand blowing front of a mountain.

Just got a little service see if I can send this off.

Hoping to get to Ely, NE tomorrow and I think I will stay their two nights, hoping I will have service.

I keep thinking I went over my last mountain but was just told by the camp manager I have 3 more summits to cross before I get to Ely.One mile at a time.

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