The Break in Sarasota is Over "Lift-Off" is Feb 19th

It’s been a busy two months since I arrived in Sarasota, Fl from Pa. Have not been laying out on the beach. Been waiting for the weather to warm up to start out on the second leg of our trip.

Planning on heading out Feb 19 from Abundant Live Church.

Will be heading to the pan handle of Florida up into Alabama west on 54 through Mississippi, Lou into Jasper, Texas up to Crawford, Fort Worth and up into Colorado and than west into California will explain more details later.

Its been a busy couple of month preparing Johnabilt out at Fred Helmuth shop with the help of Fred, Floyd, Levi, Ron and Ervin and many others donating their time. Adjusting flywheel, clutch, installing a fan in the cab, screening on floor vents, new sirus anti wire and adding magnets on camper in front of tires hoping to pick up metal before they hit the tires.and spent time arranging camper.

This is a team effort and having friends step up wanting to help. I just want to Thank Carolyn and Fred Helmuth for opening their shop providing a safe place to store Johnabilt and camper during this time of rest. Johnabilt was so grateful for Randel’s Johndeere B since that was the only other JD, the rest must of been 10 Oliver’s, 6 Massey’s and one International. So Johnabilt was very appreciative of Randal’s JD B who was their to comfort and help Johnabilt from all the comments from the others but he did find out they all were very supportive of the cause and got along just find and they all respected each other. I sense its time to move on, little concern being among all the Oliver’s, Johnabilt color green may start changing colors. lol We have Floyd, Ervin, Levi and Ron plus many others who help work on the tractor to have it running smoothly rest of the trip. Waterloo Boys two cylinder club with Steve Koser making a check list for us down here. Our all volunteer team. The shop was so clean Johnabilt didn’t even get dusty.

I had a number of speaking engagements down here and you can find our route on face book and soon be up on the web to California we will have the rest of the route later.

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