Thank you John and Stephanie Cullinane

April 1 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Fowler, Co to 10 miles west of Pueblo, Co 53 miles

I waited till 8 am to leave this morning it was 33 and snowing. I was ready to move on it was wet and muddy at the camp site from all the rain.

I drove up his driveway and John came out and of course he wanted to know about Johnabilt. Took me through his buildings and enjoyed telling me the history of all his different tractors mostly John Deere’s and Johnabilt was in his glory of course the rooster had a attitude and was ready to move on.

I spend some time listening to John he is 77 and retired from the railroad and began restoring tractors.

As I was ready to leave his wife Stephanie came out with a pot of coffee and said let me refill your cup its cold out here. Neighbors helping neighbors as I said before their is so much good in America. Thank You John and Stephanie Cullinane.

I kept putting west towards Pueblo and the closer I got the temp went up to 38 and the sun was trying to come out.

I stop to top off my gas tank and got a cup of coffee. As I came into Pueblo I had a few minor hills and I notice Johnabilt was loosing power and breathing heavy it was little higher elevation so I stop and adjusted the carburetor and I need to adjust the clutch. I felt some slippage.

I was tired and little damp ready to get to the campsite. I was planning on stopping at West Pueblo RV little west of Pueblo.I pulled up glad to be able to call it a day and went inside and the clerk said sorry we are full, my heart dropped.

I was told a lot of construction workers are in town and all the RV parks are full in Pueblo.

I explain to her I only go 14 mph can’t I just park somewhere she said there is another camp 10 miles west of here and she called them and they had a spot.

I didn’t mind driving 10 miles as I was coming out of town. I could start seeing the Rockies so exciting and the sun was coming out.

So glad I came down to Haggarld’s RV park its out in the country and not muddy and its clean, Matt and Nancy Fetty own it and said I can stay as long as I like, no charge. Wow so nice and they set me up where I have the view of the Rockies and they also mention in the morning the antelope come up close to the park and the one has a nice rack.

I wash my whole rig it was so dirty the last two camp sites the driveways were muddy from all the rain.

I think I will stay here at least two nights maybe three. Its to clear up and be sunny tomorrow.

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