Texas Greek RV park, its not far from Monarch Pass in Colorado

April 2 2017 News Updates by Ivan

At Haggard’s RV Campgrounds Penrose, Co 1, Co 0 miles West of Pueblo

Had a great night of rest, woke up and their was frost but wasn’t long till it got up to 70. A NAA Auctioneer friend Rich Schur drove down from Colorado Springs and took me out for breakfast . Thanks Rich. I enjoyed our time together and your support.

I know you had a busy day and needed to get back to a convention. Thanks for taking the time to drive a hour, south to see me.

It was beautiful day outside and gave me time to clean up the camper, wash the floors and inside Johnabilt. Heading to Cannon City, Co in the morning and camp at Texas Greek RV park, its not far from Monarch Pass that I will be heading over. I think I will go about half way and get a camp ground and enjoy the scenery.

My camp owners are heading to Wal-mart this eve and taking me with them, it will give me a chance to stock up.

Monarch Pass should be interesting close to 12000 ft about sea level wondering how hard Johnabilt will be coughing up over. I will take my time even if I have to shift down in 4th.

It looks like the weather is going to be nice from Thursday through the weekend so I want to make a attempt to be over the big pass.

I adjusted the clutch today and rubbed the rooster back. I will be depending on him pulling his load.

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