stopped to adjusted the carburetor

March 27 2017 News Update by Ivan

Amarillo, TX to Lumas, TX 53 miles

Headed out at daybreak and had good traveling out of Amarillo and north on 278 lots of country side and great road to travel on.

Had a number of people stop me and gave donations I arrived up in Dumas around 1;30 which was nice gave me time to get caught after in my blogs and I needed to order more fliers.

Having them sent to Kevin Mitchel in Westcliffe, Co planning on spending some time there.

Nice evening and a great campsite.

I felt like I was climbing all day so I stopped and adjusted the carburetor little leaner also felt my clutch slipping so I stopped along 278 and tighten it up.

Tractor ran great all day.

It’s 8;30 I am ready for bed exhausted people kept stopping in at the camp site and knocking on the door all eve till now. It was all good, got donations sold a book.

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