Service Campground Coffeeville, Alabama

March 2nd 2017 - News Update - Ivan

Service Campground Coffeeville, Alabama Total today 72

Left the campsite around 6;30 central time it was chilly we had a very heavy rain during the night and a cold front move in, had good traveling up 41, got up to Repton, Ala, I pick up 84 west. I love old towns and old buildings had to take a few pictures in Repton.

Every one was patient.

Having said all that I love Alabamia the most beautiful country side, reminds me of Pa hills and cattle grazing in the country side.

I pulled in a gas station no time a lot of people around taking pictures a young man came up to met he is still in High School empty out his pockets. I say again still lots of good people in America that want to help their fellow man. Its encouraging to see young people wanting to help those in need.

I had a nice surprise, friends I met in Fl came out and found me along 84 west of Gosport they passed me and we stopped for a visit. My friends Kenny and Carolyn Miller and Calvin and Mary Jane Schrock.It was great seeing them and hope to see them in Arthur.Il this summer..,

They wish me well and I was on my way. I had some good hills Johnabilt got a work out he was getting in shape after sitting for 3 month getting in shape for the Rockies.

Johnabilt has been running good, had to yell at the rooster a few times to help pull.Had 3 logging trucks following and I had no where to pull off and knew I had to shift down didn’t want to embarrass myself got the job done did not want to have stop to shift down if I miss 5th. .

West of Grove Hill, Al I was coming down a long hill I see a old home on the side so I stop and had to drive out across a field to get to it. Had to take some pictures with Johnabilt.

If the walls could only speak so much history that house has seen.

All the trucks and traffic I held up today every one was friendly and tooted horns and wave I feel the love in Alabama.

Coming into Coffeeville, Al decided to get gas before I find my camp ground.

Again lot of people coming out and some gave donations as I was leaving a local police officer came in and parked he waved to me and when I left he followed me over this big bridge I went over. i had my GPS on and my phone battery died and about that time a group of trucks were in back and I found a place to pull over and the police officer follow me and stop. I went back grab a hat and presented it to him and Thank him for his service. He was very Thankful.

I ask him how close Service Campground is my GPS died. He said Its not far down the road and I will escort you. Again I feel the LOVE in Alabama.

Pictures of officer escorting me.Picture of Officer Mark Leon at the campsite entrance. Before he left gave me his card and said anything you need call me here is my cell number and if you are out of the area I can get some one to help you.

Wow,Thank You Alabama.

I was also reminded west of here less truck traffic and in Missi. I will have 4 lanes to travel on, that is encouraging I might even be able to sing along with John Schmid’s CD.

This is the most beautiful campsite I met my neighbor camper AL a retired Dentist, him and his wife come here a lot to get away and told me you are in for a treat right along the Tombigbee River and a lot of barges from the Miss River come down through here.

It wasn’t long he came over said did you hear the siren that means he is through the locks below us and in about 20 minutes will be here.

Did a load of wash. Its getting colder.

When I came back sure enough him comes the barge.Another barge just went by and as I was taking his picture he was taking a picture of Johnabilt my camp site is along the river.

You also see a large cotton picker pass me today.

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