Scenic South Carolina Fields of Beauty

Nov 4 Ivans Post

2016 Total miles 80752

Woke up early today like at 3 am and couldn’t sleep so I stayed up. I am sure I will pay for this later.

My good auctioneer friend J. Rafe Dixon from Sumter, SC came and picked me up at my campground and took me out for breakfast. We had a nice visit and enjoyed having a tour where he lives. My family of friends our adding up as we travel across this great country, called America.

After we got back we said our good byes and I was off west on 378 there was a lot of traffic but was a four lane high way and had a shoulder where I could run part of the tractor.

I was heading west to hit 601 south towards Orangeburg, SC and Rafe told me of a short cut to get off of 378 and I will hit 601. It was a nice country rd.

Heading down 601 lots of soybeans and cotton fields and even got to do a photo opt with Johnabilt in the the cotton field.

A cold front came through early this morning I saw the rooster was chilly so wrap him in some cotton.

See a lot of damage from hurricane Matthew, in Sept they had 8 inches of rain in two days and haven’t had any since its very dry and dusty so many trees still down that laid over roots and all.

Came down to a town called St Matthew as I was approaching a gentleman was standing along the road taking a video and then followed me to the gas station.

While I was pumping gas he walk around and Thanked me and said him and his wife already pulled up our website and wants to put a video on face book but I haven’t seen it. He pulled out his credit card and said, “I am filling everything up. Thanks for what you are doing.” His name is W. Dukes Isgett.

Came on down through Orangeburg and saw a RV camp advertise on line and I was tired at 2pm and decided to call it a day.

I pulled in and I am the only one here a gentleman came out to greet was very pleasant and ask me a lot of questions and call his boss. I guess I sounded ok, I heard him tell his boss on the phone I really think he is ok from talking to him. Well that was a relief.

I found out it’s a church camp and they had some problems however they checked out our web site and called back and told the manger to tell me there will be no charge, I like what they are doing and tell Ivan thank you for stopping by.

Meantime one of the Elder’s came by this evening and thank us again and felt it was God’s leading that I choose this camp and ask if he could pray for our mission and safety for rest of the trip. Their camp is the South Atlantic Conference and they train their pastors hear and have their Conventions.

His wife sent along plates of food for the next couple of days and he said there will be a donation in an envelope on my windshield in the morning, towards our mission.

After I set up today I jumped on Smiley and went into town for a few supplies.

Heading out in the morning I have plenty of time so I won’t be pushing it.

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