Rock Indian Reservation

May 16 2017 News Update by Ivan

Baker, MT to Bowman, ND 47 miles today

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave early it was overcast and I only had 47 miles to go to Bowman, ND.

Lots of nice farm land and smooth road with a wide shoulder, makes nice traveling.

Johnabilt chased up couple pheasants this morning and antelopes.

Within 13 miles I came to the North Dakota state line. That’s always exciting. Montana was good to me and looking forward to ND however I won’t be in very long. I expect to be in South Dakota tomorrow night and continue towards Aberdeen through Standing Rock Indian Reservation on RT 12 then I head south on 59. According to ATT I should have full service by Aberdeen where you will be able to track me again on the web.

As I came into town I stop at a truck stop for gas and in no time their were a crowd of people around asking about our mission.

Local news reporter came by to do a interview.

I went in to the deli and got some lunch and the lady at the counter said it’s already paid for, one of the gentlemen outside paid for your lunch.

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