Pulled Over By Police Officer Horton!

March 11 2017 - News Update - from Ivan

Onalaska,TX (Lake Livingston) to College Station, TX 67 miles

Left Lake Livingston and headed over a long bridge it was a nice Sat morning very little traffic. Nice rolling hills and beautiful country, lots of cattle and ranches, I was in my glory, it was country.

Great roads and must of the way I had a shoulder to run on.

Stop in a gas station to get a cup of coffee and had two veterans come up and Thank me for our mission.

I had to stop and put air in my one camper tire. I wanted to work on it last night but had people stopping by and didn’t get a chance.

I saw a police officer heading East outside of Huntsville, TX and check my mirror and saw him making a u turn, wasn’t long he was following right in back of me and after while he put his lights on, I pulled over.

I crawl out and walk back to meet him and as he walk up he said sorry to have stop you but just wanted to tell you Thank You for what you are doing and of course I thank him for his services.

Officer Horton made my day. I asked if I could take his picture and we chatted a while and before he left, I gave him a hat.

Our Police and firemen work hard trying to keep every one safe.

I see he had some one put it on facebook and had a comment In behave of the Walker County Officers, thanking us for our mission.

I kept putting down the road it was going real well so I decided to putt on a few more miles and head down to College Station and get a camp ground.

Tomorrow I don’t have to far to travel to George Bush’s Library, I would like to tour it.

I arrived at Lazy Acres camp site its kind of another interesting place. I parked my rig.

It stared to rain wasn’t sure I was allow to wash my rig or not, thought I would and ask for forgiveness later. It started raining hard and I went out and wash the whole rig felt good to have it clean again.

Took the camper tire off and put two plugs in, this is the first, so the magnets are helping.

I took all the spare tires out of the tire rack and boy was there a lot of mud built up on the tire rack.

I was caring a lot of extra weight.

I hear the Library isn’t open until 12 so I will be able to sleep in.

Few of the pictures got blurred for some reason.

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