Nov 10 & 11 - Back on the Road Again - Thanks to Mid State Power Systems

Nov 11th and 12th Ivan,

Nov 11- 2016 miles today 6 miles back to the campground

Waking up this morning, wondering if the part will come on time.

Dave decided to go for a 60+ mile bike ride and gave me his truck to use to run down to the garage.

I checked UPS and the part was shipped and was in Gainesville and is to be at the garage before 4 PM. I drove down around lunch time and it wasn’t their came back and did some things around the camper.

Drove back down again and the Mechanic had the clutch drum almost back together and I took it for a test run and seem find.

Thank You so much Mid State Power Systems Inc for getting us back on the road and Bob Holtz did great job replacing the clutch part and putting everything back together again.

Johnabilt got release from the hospital from his outpatient surgery, I am hoping he won’t be too sore to hit the road in the morning.

I headed North on 301 and 6 miles back to the camp ground stop and wash Johnabilt and clean up the camper and ready to hit the road soon after day light in the morning, made reservation at a camp site in Silver Springs for tomorrow night.

Myers Jackson emailed me today and ask if I would be able to make it to the Florida Auctioneer Convention Sunday night, earlier I didn’t think I would be able to make it.

I was a little concern about driving to the Hotel down town Orlando but he said if I get close his son could come and pick me up.

I mention it to Dave when he got back from his bike ride and he said he will take me over, so Myers I am all set I will call you or email you tomorrow on details.

I’m really excited and looking forward to the Convention and I should be able to get outside of Orlando by Sunday afternoon.

After washing Johnabilt Dave and I adjusted the clutch again and I think we have it in pretty good shape.

I check the pressure in all the tires on the rig and clean inside of Johnabilt out and I think I am ready to hit the road.

Nov 12-2016 Ivan,

Total miles 1157 miles today 50

Headed out this morning from KOA campground in Starke, FL south on 301. Very little traffic and Johnabilt is running great I could enjoy the music and kept on putting down 301 south.

I stop along the way and checked the clutch and made some adjustments. Turn off on 326 east to head down to Silver Springs Camp ground a little southeast of Ocala.

When I stop for gas couple of bikers stopped in for gas and his wife or girlfriend is a Veterans. They wanted picture opt and we had a nice chat before I headed south.

My GPS took me some back road and I soon found out I didn’t want to be there since it was turning into a sand road. A nice gentleman came out and said just turn around in my yard which it was big enough that I could.

I headed back out and turn and got on 326 which took me to Silver Springs and to the camp grounds.

Staying at the campsite right across from the entrance to Silver Springs.

Arrived here early and no time Dave drives in. He rode half way and then rode back to get his truck, what a champ.

Hoping to leave early and head to Dade City or Zephyrhills to a campground and then Dave and I will be driving to the Convention in the evening.

Monday eve hope to stay in Bradenton and Tuesday arrived in Sarasota.

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