Mornings beside deer and Elk saw Mountain sheep

April 7 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Sapinero, CO to Montrose, CO 49 miles

It wasn’t as cold this morning, only 34. As it got day light, I look out my window and could see Elk all around me, the park ranger said last night you will see some in the morning, they come down off the mountain to feed and in the winter she said their may be a 1000 out here.

She also said between Gunnison and Sapinero the Game Commission estimates their are up to 6000 in different herds of Elk.

As I headed out, I started looking for game and sure enough Johnabilt herded them out of the bushes it was exciting to see all the game I saw this morning beside deer and Elk saw Mountain sheep.

During my travels today as we came putting down the road we had Elk, deer, mountain sheep and as we came down over the mountain Johnabilt had Eagles flying out the trees.

Had a few bigger hills than I realize I was going to be going gover. I putted up this one hill in 5th gear I thought I would never get to the summit but the way down is what had me on the edge of my seat. This mountain wasn’t as high as Monarch Pass but coming down the other side in to a canyon is what had my hair standing up, I soon realize how steep it was as I came around the first curve it just dropped I stopped and put it in 5th and tied the low gear so it wouldn’t jump out and on the way down we went. I must admit I was sweating little, had both feet on the tractor brakes left hand controlling the camper brakes and right hand on steering wheel and occasionally grab the camera on the dash and just point and shoot. I was scared to take my eyes off the road, very narrow road, no guard rails on the right and switch backs with rocks to the edge of the road. I did find a pull off where I could let some trucks pass.

I finally get to the bottom thinking this is it but no now I started climbing again was running out of power had to climb in 5th must of taken me a hour to get up this next mountain and than it was a long way down into Montrose which I kept it in 5th 8 miles and hour.

Johnabilt did great and the thing is we were safe.

I thought the one mountain in Idaho in 2014 was steep but I think this one had it beat because of all the switch backs and not being able to see around the next curb and narrow road with deep drop offs into the canyon.

I putted into Montrose,Co and found the KOA camp ground which I was ready to settle into.

Interesting they charge me, this is the first for two weeks that a campsite charged.

I was told at my last camp ground I will find Montrose 20 degrees warmer and its true as I was coming down the mountain I could feel the warmer air and it got up in the high 60’s.

I jump on Smiley and rode up town and had a good meal I feel so much better and Smiley did too, I think this is the first I rode her in 3 weeks.

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