middle of the night I heard it sleeting

April 4 2017 Nes Update by Ivan

At KOA Campground, Cotopaxi, Co

So the middle of the night I heard it sleeting, I jump up and ran out and put the covers on the exhaust pipes. This morning I woke up and what a beautiful view out my window.

I decided I better hunker down another day. I have a warm camper and have food.

I got a chance to work on paper work did a load of wash. This afternoon the sun came out and the snow is melting fast. I walk out to the road twice and the road is dry so I feel good putting out of here late morning.

I decided I will drive up the mountain another 25 miles to the next camp grounds and not push it. I know I will have to run in 5th gear after I start climbing harder and I will only be going 8 to 9 miles an hour. Like the turtle and rabbit one mile at a time.

Last night had 4 different veterans stop in to thank us, one stayed at the camp site others saw my rig as they went by and turned around and said they saw me go through Cannon City earlier.

As you can see in my pictures I had my usual entertainment last night pulled 6 nails out of the tire and had to plug three holes.

It was in the 60’s and I sat at the picnic table later in the evening and then you see the picture this morning as they say this is the Rockies but I am loving the view and only traveling 8 mph tomorrow I can enjoy the view more.

I needed to order more fliers and a Auctioneer friend of mine Kevin Mitchel had them sent to his place in Westcliffe, Co he is not back from trip on his truck so his friend Celia Warren is running them over for me this afternoon. Thanks Kevin and Celia for your help. Team work.

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