Meeting Veterans of Viet Nam

March 8, 2017 - News Update - Ivan

Jonesville, LA to Gardner, LA - 58 miles

About the time I was ready to leave this morning a gentleman comes by, Bob Hall a veteran in Viet Nam and got called up again in the Iraq war he wanted to give a donation and talk he had trouble speaking and kept repeating himself. I really pitied him an prayed with him before I left, he touch my heart the struggles he is going through and couldn’t thank us enough for bringing awareness.

Heading out of the campground came to this bridge where people were throwing their fishing lines out and getting their lures caught on the wires.

I got out on HWY 28 and along the way a truck went around me and was taking pictures and saluted me as I went by, I decided to pull over and he came up behind me and wanted to know what I was all about.

He is a veteran and fire chief and I he works on the local police force and shared with him what we are doing and he was in his belief that someone would take the time to do something like this.

He said can you wait till I make a phone call I want to escort you into the town of Leesville I said it will take me at least two hours getting there. His answer was. I don’t care but I need to call the Police chief to make sure it was ok.

He called and the chief said they can’t it’s a state road a state trooper has to do that.

I told him I am heading to the VA outpatient center south of Leesville. I headed out stopped and got a cup of coffee and putted on down the road the sun is out and a beautiful day.

Headed into the city and the infrastructure these roads are so bad. I had to slow it down to 10 mph front end kept jumping up and down and my head was jumping with it, pot holes and cracks going across the road.

Had a nice visit with veterans and the clinic and needed to head back into town to head south on 28 took me some time the streets were so bad after I got on 28 and out of town to were a little better I guess I am on state roads now but still rough hoping Texas will have better roads.

I putted out of town stopped for gas and a biker pulled up and thank us and gave a donation what he had with him, headed west on 28 and the only camp ground was Motel 8 and RV park the next would be another 20 miles I was tired and ready to call it a day.

I pulled up and when I saw the motel but not the park and the motel is not in use any more. I got out and an older gentleman came by Neal Willett and said looking for a RV park its right over there. I asked if he had hook ups yes but they haven’t been use for a long time.

I back in a spot and sure enough he had elect, water and sewer as you can see this is the most relax RV Park. You know after talking to him for a while I really liked him he just turn 80 and just retired last year he was involved building the Oceaner that went down 1500 ft and got the liberty bell from the Titanic he help build Oceaner and was out on the ship when they retrieved the bell.

Some of these people are living in their own world but when you get to know them are very nice people Neal is a veteran and thank us and said there is no charge. Said, let us know if you need anything and its peaceful here and I am the only camper.

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