March 6th - Natchez, MS to Jonesville, LA

March 6th 2017 News Update - Ivan

Natchez, MS to Jonesville, LA

I arrived at my camp site as you can see its a very relax campground. I think I am the only one here, maybe they all had a long weekend.

Little on the redneck side, the picture of the building is the bathroom and shower I think I will be using the camper shower tonight I lock Smiley down .

The picture with the rebel flag is my neighbor a few other campers that are a little crooked and nail shut but its home.

But theirs is something good in every thing its quite I have water and Electric and peace.

All things work for the good.

I might even see some wild pigs or bears tonight.

As I back the camper in my spot I had to go out and remove some trash where some one had a party some time.

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