March 5th - Monticello to Natchez 75 miles

March 5th 2017 - News Update - Ivan

Monticello to Natchez 75 miles

Left soon after day break had good traveling on the 4 lane highway not much traffic. Wasn’t long had a veteran stop me along 84 and wanted to know about the mission and thank us.

I decided to make it a short day to day and rest and get caught up on paper work, so a campsite in Meadville, MS and it was only 50 miles.

I was looking forward to being their around 11;30 am mean tine I stop for a cup of coffee and a sheriff officer James Newman pulled up and thought the rig was very neat. He said, I was heading the other way and I made a u-turn and had to track you down.

He took some pictures and gave me his card if I need anything to call him. Thank You Officer Newman.

Another day of encouragements.

Had beautiful country to travel through today. I turn south for the camp ground and realize it was 5 miles south but oh well I have the rest of the day. I got to the camp ground and I had to travel down a real steep hill I put it in 4th and got down to a beautiful camp sit by the lake.

I set up, hook up my Elect and water. Plug in my computer and realize no Internet or phone service so there goes my plans on trying to get caught after.

After thinking about this not even 12 I decided to pack up and drive another 20 miles to the next campsite. I crawl up the steep hill again Johnabilt was a popping and all the campers stare in disbelief.

I headed west and my GPS took me off the main drag to get to the campsite wow was I was back in rough country roads. Beautiful country side the azalea’s blooming. I thought Pa had pot holes, narrow roads. I was putting down the road by myself, trees hanging over and about hitting my cab. I am on the wrung side of the road avoiding pot holes and in my mirror I see a small white car flying down in back of me, I started to move to the right and at that time he flew pass me partially in the ditch and on my right I so near hit him. A teenager in a hurry.

I arrived at my campsite The Plantation its nice and it was worth the extra 20 miles.

It rain all day my wipers were doing their job and had the heater on and I was comfortable.

Might not start as early tomorrow morning.

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