March 4th - Route 84 - Monticello, MS Campground Lake Mary Crawford

Left the park at day break 6;15 am had quite a hill to climb up out of my camp site I am sure I it was a wake up call for many campers Johnabilt barked as he crawled up out of the valley out on the main RD.

When I started Johnabilt this morning, notice the steam out of the exhaust it was 32 degrees had my heater on for first 3 hours.

I am constantly moved at the good in America that we don’t seem to hear about.

I was so move by this gentleman and many others on this trip.

I got on RT 84 west which came into 4 lanes. As I was traveling along the road became very rough I was glad for the 4 lane but not for cracks in the road and waves, my head was bobbing like the Bobba head in back of a car window. I had to slow down to 12 and 13 MPH and put my neck brace on, I brought along.

I had this for about 40 miles I am hoping tomorrow will be better. I actually look forward to concrete bridges where I knew the ride will be smother for a short time.

Johnabilt did great, had a lot of hills today and felt my clutch slipping on couple so I stop along HWY 84 and tighten the clutch.

You notice a few turkeys along the way.

Found a campsite in Monticello, MS called Lake Mary Crawford. Very peaceful way back in and few campers here.

I have been leaving at day break and trying to find a campsite earlier, 2 pm gives me a chance to relax and get caught after with my paper work.

Found out my my converter isn’t working, check it found out its blown must of been the time we plugged into 110 and it ended being 220.

Bob Cox President of Stotzfus RV has been very helpful and is trying to find a RV business in my travels.

I bought a small charger and put it on at night, its while I have the lights on in the evening, during the day Johnabilt keeps it charge.

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