Manheim Auction Nov 3rd 2016 - Special Guest Ivan

Nov 2 2016 Ivan,

total miles 707

I had a shorter run today down to Darlington, SC. Thanks to Eli for asking me to stop in at the Darlington Manheim car auction.

Left around 9am trek down 52 which is a narrow road and quite a few trucks. I stopped off a few times knowing I had plenty of time to get there.

Arrived at the auction parking lot and realize I am right beside the famous Darlington Raceway.

Met the manager and he told me where I could park. This is a large auto auction every Thursday selling at up to 12 lanes. I was informed to be ready and they did check their doors and Johnabilt will fit through so they will run Johnabilt across the block and we are selling a care package so this will be exciting.

This is a successful dealers auction company with many locations throughout the united states.

By the way those anyone have a number for the reserve on Johnabilt?

After parking I jumped on Smiley drove up passed the race track to see if I could take Johnabilt around the track and headed in town for lunch.

After I got back I decided to take my bed sheets and laundry and find a laundromat I feel like a new man clean sheets, underwear, shirts and jeans, enough said. Ha

Forgot to tell you two days ago coming through town there was a lot of traffic cars all around me sitting at a red light. I put it in gear to go and my gears locked up. That is the first! Everyone around me was patient. Then I put it in reverse and the gears loosened…. That worked then proceeded to go forward. It was a humbling experience at the same time kind of scary!

I am thinking of staying here till early Friday morning. I will head out west on 151 get 34 west to 15 south down towards Sumter, SC.

Nov 3 2016 Ivan Posts,

Total miles 75548 today

Had a good night rest in the Manheim Auto Auction parking lot. Soon after 6 am the workers started arriving. I went out it was still dark and started wiping down Johnabilt wanted to have him ready to pull inside.

Soon after 7 Danny Brawn the auction manager said I can back it in lane 3 and they will start selling in the other lanes until 9.30 hoping more dealers will arrived.

Eli arrived and explained how they want to handle the sale.

I got a care package together and put my boards out with my maps on, it wasn’t long till folks arrived and ask a lot of questions.

At 9.30 Eli made an announcement and had me share a little about the trip. He had me sell the care package and there was lively bidding, of course they had no choice we had a World Champion Auctioneer working as a ring man and making me look good. They had no choice but to bid,lol.

I pulled Johnabilt outside and they had me set up close to all the lanes where I had good exposure.

Eli Detweiler and Danny Brawn General Manager Darlington Manheim auto auction did a great job making it a successful fund raising advent today.

Thanks so much.

My back tire still had a slow leak. I needed to put air in this morning and so I decided while I have my display out and have a pave lot to work on the tire. I decided to take it off and sure enough I had another nail in that makes 4 plugs now.

Got it back together and after lunch I decided to head further south out of Darlington on 34 to 15 south. I was heading towards Sumter, SC which I was planning on getting 378 west and I found a camp ground out 378 west of Sumter, I saw I was able to take a short cut and miss the city of Sumter.

It was a back country road not much traffic but a narrow road. Lots farm land 100’s of acres soybeans and cotton Johnabilt got his taste of cotton, soybeans and lots of Broiler Houses farm after farm I slowed Johnabilt down to 12mph and enjoyed the country side.

It was so pleasant after getting off of 15 which had a lot of truck traffic and that’s not relaxing.

I had 20 some miles through real country had locals go by met combines and coon hunters passing me with their coon dogs in back of the truck with their tails wagging as they went by. I don’t’ think it was about me but that they were on the way coon hunting.

Got down on 378 and the Shaw Air Force base is there and they have a RV park and I am thinking would be neat to go in there, this place is big.

I head into the entrance and one place it said cars only and all commercial vehicle’s in another entrance and the main gates were in a ways. I decided before I drive in there and alarm everyone or can’ turn around real well I will call them, they had the phone number on the sign.

Very pleasant gentleman answer and I explain what I am driving and he ask if I have a military card it’s only open for military personal. So I went up the road to the camp site I had chosen earlier.

I wasn’t there long some military air force personal came in and wanted to know what we were all about.

Really enjoy visiting with them and they were very grateful for what we are trying to accomplish I was thanking them for their service and they kept Thanking me for bringing awareness.

The Military personal from Shaw Air Force Base ask what or where I was today and I explain how Manheim Auto auction a invited me to stop by to take a few minutes and share the importance of letting our Veterans know they are not forgotten.

They were very grateful and kept thanking me and I say Thank You Darlington Manheim Auto auction for making it possible to take a few minutes to help support those that are fighting for our freedom.

Today was a very pleasant day the weather was nice people kept passing me and waving with their thumbs up, a convertible pass I saw the lady had military plates she kept toting her horn and waving. I was wondering if her husband is across seas.

Stop in a gas station a Ritz cracker truck was making his deliveries and came over with a case of Ritz peanut butter crackers.

Went to get a cup of coffee and the attended said its on us have a good day.

Came in the office of the campgrounds and they were so taken back me driving in with Johnabilt pulling a camper. He took one look and said I am putting you up for the night any one that drives 755 miles to our camp site in a tractor 15 miles an hour I’m not charging.

Thank you Manheim Darlington !

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