Let Him Pass Pennsylvania

Today we were dealt a huge blow from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. A blow which very well may mean we will NOT be able to drive the Johnabilt through the state of Pennsylvania on our cross country journey! Since August 2013 members of our team have been in contact with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, asking for assistance to coordinate this amazing mission and attempt to obtain the proper permissions. We have been passed from department to department, told they are unable to help us, and hit wall after wall of government red tape. However, our spirits were lifted as we received full support of our endeavor from Governor Corbett and the State Chief of Police at the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Additionally, we received countless affirmations from police departments and other state and local representatives. We believed we were doing all we could to properly manage and plan for our trip through Pennsylvania.

This morning Glenn Rowe of the Pennsylvania DOT contacted us to state that they will shut us down if we don’t meet their demands to treat every mile of our journey through PA as if it was a parade. This means obtaining written permission from every municipality, developing a traffic control plan, and obtaining escorts. Their demand is based on the belief that we will endanger tax payers on the Pennsylvania roadways by driving a slow moving vehicle. Interesting to us that after 9 months of contacting them, they are only NOW coming up with a supposed plan- 35 days before the start of our mission! We are simply unable to meet the requirements of these special events permit with 5 weeks remaining, and we believe their demands to be incomprehensible.

This organization is 100% completely volunteer run, with countless hours of time invested, with the sole purpose to bring support and recognition to our Wounded American Heroes. We are not doing this for any personal glory, only to thank our Veterans who make America, and Pennsylvania, a free place to live and breathe. Somehow our home state of Pennsylvania doesn’t feel so free, or such a great place to live right now.

To say the least we are devastated, and heartbroken with this news. If you believe in our project, believe in our country, and believe in our wounded heroes, help us spread the word and ask Pennsylvania to allow us to pass through! The power of the people is our only hope!

If you feel compelled to voice your opinion please contact your state representatives, Governor Corbett, or Glenn Rowe himself!

Here is a link to the phone numbers of the Pennsylvania DOT:

Or if you want to contact Governor Corbett:

Without your help, we will NOT be allowed to pass through Pennsylvania!