Leaving Niceville, Florida March 1st - Heading for Alabama

March 1st - News Update - Ivan,

Left Niceville around 6.15am Rick from the Lodge came to see me off ,had some work traffic this morning. Headed up 85 to 4 west. I stop for a cup of coffee and this lady came out and said I heard all about you on Channel 3 out of Pensacola and I pick up the Daily News from Niceville so the word got out that I was in town. I headed to Berrydale got 41 up into Alabama. Had good traveling Folks were out along the road waving cars going by all morning so I figure they saw it in the paper or heard on channel 3 because I was out in the country and folks were out along the road as I came by.

I came into a small town Brewton, Al and stop for gas wasn’t long I had a group of people around me and lot of them gave donations. The local John Deere Dealership came by they called news and wasn’t long they were their for a interview.

Heading North on 41 had nice traveling very little traffic some trucks.

I had lots of hills but so far I was able to make them in 6th.

The farm ground is starting to look like Pa to me.

In the morning news paper.

The campgrounds a little on the relax side but I don’t mind its very quiet. I think I am the only one here tonight. I am told mostly deer hunters use it and leave their campers here. I am back off the main road.

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