Leaving from 3000 Compass Road, Honey Brook, PA October 15

Leaving from 3000 Compass Road, Honey Brook, PA October 15 the first night will be inside Maryland about 10 miles on 74 at a Atlantic John Deere Dealership staying overnight in there parking lot.

2nd night want to be in Germantown, Md at Operation 2nd Chance Head Quarters staying in there parking lot.

Meeting with them on Monday and hope to leave around noon heading towards Harpers Ferry will try to find a camp site there and Tuesday morning leave there cross the Potomic River and head down 287 turns into 611,713,647,688,229 hoping to find a camp grounds in Culpepper, Virginia if not will be heading down 26 to Madison, Virginia there is a camp grounds but I am hoping I will find something before because a 100 miles is a long day.

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