Keepin' it Runnin' Thru Statesboro to Ludowici, GA

Nov 7th & 8th, 2016 Ivan,

Total Miles 963 Today 84

Started out a little earlier today knowing I was going to have a longer day to the next camp ground.

As I was going out of town in Statesboro I came up to Campground and they had Propane so I drove in to top off my tank.

I wasn’t long a gentleman name Kevin from Florida came by he is a veteran and part of the VFW in Jacksonville, FL wanted more information and ask if I wouldn’t come up to speak in Jacksonville it’s a little far from Sarasota but we will see he is planning on have their VFW give a donation.

They filled my tank and said God Bless no charge.

I had four lane for quite a few miles and little traffic the first half of the day. Headed into Statesboro, Ga and I had called a John Deere Dealer Blanchard Equipment Company and found out they weren’t too far off my route so I headed through town, when I stopped for gas a gentleman came by and check out my tractor and he offer to escort me over to Blanchard, he knew a short cut through town.

As I pulled in to Blanchard not only did the shop but the sales team all empty out to see Johnabilt and all were in aww a young man walks up Lester Sonon and says his from Berks County move down here 6 months ago and used to work at Deere Country.

He has been at Rough and Tumble and knows the Waterloo Boys South Eastern Tractor club real well always bought a raffle ticket, the other year he got a call he won a tractor but the same time was told it was a toy tractor.

I needed a gas cap that I lost the other day and they needed to order it.

I gave an address I thought I would be at tomorrow night in Folkston, Ga. So they said they will send it to the campground. They had to order it special being a 1948 tractor.

I heard them argue who is buying it for me, everyone is so kind.

I left there and headed down 301 14 miles an hour little traffic had some music playing and ponder my thoughts how lucky I am to be able to live in a free country and same time realizing some one paid a price so I can be free.

We have a great country and let’s keep it that way and never take for granted or remember we are free because someone was willing to make that sacrifice and risk his or her life for you.

Heading down country roads through farm land lot more cotton fields and lots of peanuts being harvest. The last 20 miles came into two lane and truck after truck loaded with peanuts and if not a peanut truck logging trucks.

They all were so kind and a lot tooted their horns and gave me thumbs up except this one for the first time in my travels across American in 2014 and the 900 some miles so far didn’t have one person bent out of shape.

I see this pick up come up behind me no place for me to pull over high banks Georgia swamps with hungry Alligators down there. There was passing area but he just follow me now an 18 wheeler truck full of peanuts came up behind him he didn’t have time to pass both of us. After while he comes on the CB and says (Get up your speed or get off the road) Now my hair are standing up on back of my neck as I look out over the hood of Johnabilt the rooster comb is standing straight up and real red and even Teddy got an attitude. I tried to calm them all down and really concern what obscene motions Smiley is giving back there. I calm every one down including myself and told them just to look straight ahead as he is passing us. He passed and nothing more was said I think he saw the red comb on the rooster.

I will confess I couldn’t hold myself. I got right on the CB and said you could of pass back their the small truck back of me was the problem and same time I talked to myself let it go and don’t make eye contact.

Later in the day I think I figure it out the poor guy is all stress out over the election tomorrow and he unloaded on me.

What was really neat wasn’t long two more trucks came up behind and they were able to pass and as they pass that tooted their horns and thumbs up and the rest of the afternoon was that way.

I had about 20 miles of narrow roads through the swamps and I know the alligators were hungry. Who knows when they had there last meal?

Came back to better roads and pass a farm as you can see they left their cattle out to chew on the stalks of a harvest cotton fields and to eat the remains of cotton left of the ground now I never knew cotton has any feeding value in it. Makes you want to chew on your t-shirt.

Still seeing a lot of effects of hurricane Matthew in September.

Came through a town called Glenville, Ga and saw a Subway and I was hungry pulled in to a church parking lot and got a sandwich and sat in Johnabilt to rest and eat my lunch and soon here comes two cars in one was an older gentleman wanted to see and talk about his John Deere A he had 50 years ago. The other person was a news reporter saw me going down the high way and follow me. She interviewed me and said she will send us a link.

Heading down the road these guys were out waving for me to stop and I was glad I did they are local farmers and there family farm was there and were harvesting peanuts.

Steve Koser I discover something this morning it’s been in the low 40’s in the morning so I have the heater on in Johnabilt and when I run the water pump for the heater the temp drops 10 degrees I will have to remember that as I am going through the desert next summer.

Pulled in at a camp ground in Ludowicia, Ga called Morgan lake Hunting and Fishing Campground. Very peaceful and I think I am the only one here its way back in by a lake I pass the office didn’t realize it was the office the campsites were on down this dirt road so I called them and they said they saw me go by Help yourself to any site and no charge we appreciate what you are doing.

Feeling the love in Georgia.

You will see me going by a pantry in Glenville, Ga wondering if you played or minister here John Schmid. All the high barbwire fencing.

Some pictures of Ga swamps and peanut trucks passing me . Peanuts ready to be harvest in fields.

Nov 8, 2016 Ivan,

Total miles 1026 today 63

This morning left the campsite Morgan Lake Hunting and Fishing in Ludowicl. I was right beside the main railroad tracks that ran into Jesup, Ga trains running through the night. I just realize this morning this is the same track when I was a child my parents came down to Florida on the train on Amtrak not realize that in my later years I will be sleeping close by. I had a peaceful campsite the only one there and again they told me no charge enjoy.

As I was coming down 301 about every hour I would stop and rest and I say actually Johnabilt rest. The one time I was pulled off alongside of the road and was back in the camper getting some lunch and a black SUV pulled in around my camper and stop at the door and said how you are. I look out and it was the local sheriff he was concern I was having trouble and said he is a Veteran and appreciates what we are doing.

We chatted quite a while he ask how the tractor is running and is there anything I need. He has 32 years in the police force and hopes to retire in 5 years.

Before he left he handle me his card and wrote his cell number in the back and said if you have any problems while you are passing through, you call me.

Before he left he said my son is a State Trooper in Georgia and I will let him know you are traveling through between the two of us we are here if you need us.

Georgia is a beautiful state large pine trees and long straight roads.

I feel the Love in Georgia. It felt so good that our law enforcement so far have been very supportive.

I came on down into Folkston, Ga and headed south on 23 to my campground, Traders Hill Campground, I had about 5 miles south off of 301 its back in and as I was going back through passing homes it seem all the neighborhood dogs came chasing after me.

I pulled in and only the caretaker here, it’s very peaceful and I am the only camper here.

I am looking forward seeing Dave again, he is driving down from Pa and is joining me for the next 7 days or so. I expect him this eve.

It will be great seeing him riding bike ahead of me or sometimes I look in my mirrors and he is following me.

I kind of feel cheap he rides bike all day and I sit in the tractor however he has more of a challenge this time he is coming down in his truck and is planning on riding bike half of a day and then turning around and riding back and pick up his truck and join me at the campsite, the next day the same.

Makes me feel little Whimpey. Lol

Tomorrow is an exciting day expect to hit the Florida State Line infect I think I might only have 5 miles to get there

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