Johnabilt is Shaking and Ivan is Sweating

March 7 2017 - News Update - Ivan

Jonesville, LA to Gardner, LA - 58 miles today

The camp manger came around last night and realize what the mission was about. He said no charge, I am a veteran.

They have big mosquito here in Louisiana, last night I had one in the camper, I was afraid he was going to carry me out of the camper.

I think they hunt them with shot guns down here, they be big.

As I was leaving the camp ground this morning their was a sign out which I didn’t see last night, don’t fire off your gun in the camp grounds. Glad I didn’t shoot any mosquitos last night.

Beautiful country site traveling across Louisiana Bayou pass through lots of water and swamps as I pass the swamp area I would throw some crackers out for the alligators they need to eat also.

Nice farm land big acreage and most of the corn is planted but its wet.

Gong through Alexandra the traffic was very heavy 4 lanes trying to watch my GPS and traffic and raining so hard had a hard time seeing traffic next thing I know I am on the interstate, wow I wanted to get off of their fast as I could. Didn’t realize 28 went on interstate for a short time.

Clouds are getting darker wind is picking up and now the rain is blowing straight across Johnabilt is shaking and Ivan is sweating couldn’t wait till my exit came up and when it did I got off and pull under neath the roof of a gas station and they said it was a small tornado, don’t if it was but they said 60 to 70 mile an hour winds. While I was their a pick up pulled in and a older gentleman pull in crawled out of his truck, he only had one arm and one eye. He was so moved and said he wants to give a donation he had a hard time getting his wallet out and gave a very nice donation, I ask him if he was a Veteran he said no but his father and uncle was and he wants to help. Their is so much good in America and over and over again along the highway people are stopping me and folks that I can see don’t have it to give but they want to help our Veterans. I stayed at the station close to a hour, they were kind enough to let me stay there.

Even being under the roof I still put my caps on the exhaust it was blowing that hard.

When it slowed down I jump in and was on my way west still raining fairly hard headed west to little town of Gardner and found a camp site and again I had to drive 5 miles off my route but I was exhausted and so ready to stop. As I was coming to the campsite I get a phone call and the Gentleman said this is Robert and he said I don’t know what is going on Johnabilt is off of 28 and going down to some back road and its a dead end and can you contact the guy driving. I said I am the guy driving, I heading to a camp ground this is Ivan who am I talking to and he said this is Robert the guy with the long beard behind the counter at Larry”s stop country store you were at yesterday. I was worried you didn’t know where you were going. So there you have it, we have people watching and looking after me on the route, neighbor helping neighbor and he said I will be watching you.This is a National park and clean and very nice, it felt so good getting a hot shower .

Forgot to mention on the way in to the camp site had another couple stop me to give a donation.

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