Johnabilt at Cheraw National Park Camp Ground

Nov 1-2016 Ivan,

Resting and working on Johnabilt at Cheraw National Park camp ground.

It was nice getting up and realizing the day wouldn’t be as pushed. I had lots of paper work and updating my Blogs.

Work on Johnabilt check the oil adjusted the clutch and I this is the first, now it has begun had a slow leak in my famous camper tire and checking it I had 3 screws stuck in the tire took it off and blogged them.

I washed the whole rig. I have a clean rig to start a new day tomorrow.

Noon time I jumped on Smiley and rode 4 miles up town to get a warm lunch and stop at the grocery store for milk.

I feel refresh. I must admit I was exhausted the last two days. I am ahead of schedule so I am thinking every couple days take an extra day off.

Traveling in the east different than going out through the west coming down 52 it’s a nice road but narrow and no shoulders and lots of truck traffic and being on edge of my seat makes me tired.

The camp office reminded me not to leave to early because there are lots of school buses out early in the morning.

just got word from Eli Detweiler he is working at the Manheim Auto Auction in Darlington, SC on Thursday and I am invited to stop by. Thank You Eli !

I mention to Eli I would love if he would be working at Auto Auctions the whole way down to Florida.

Only twenty five miles to Darlington and it’s not far off my route so I am going for it what a great opportunity to share the cause.

I have plenty of time, I feel I am ahead of schedule.

Thursday, I will be auctioning another AAfWH package this is a dealers only auction Manheim Auto Auction in Darlington, SC.


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