I got soaked with all the rain and lightening

March 28 2017 - News Updates by Ivan

Dumas, TX to Boise City, Oklahoma 68 miles

Wow what a day. I started fairly early heard some bad storms on the way thought maybe I could get far enough north before they hit.

I get a call from Norm Zimmerman a good friend from Pa that move out to Iowa few years back, he was on the truck and spotted me on 278 north while he was traveling south, he has a load to deliver and was heading back and we decided to try to connect since I am only going 14 MPH he was able to unload his load and catch up to me..

It wasn’t long it started lightening and raining very hard I decided to pull in at a large Grain Elevator no one was around I sat in Johnabilt while it was pouring. I decided to go out and put the covers on the pipes and I got soaked .

Now it started to hail. I ran out and uncover the exhaust pipes and pulled Johnabilt in the grain terminal where they unload grain trucks at least I have Johnabilt covered far as the hail.

I sat in their closed to a hour no one around when the rain slowed down I hit the road again but it rain all day up to Boise City, Oklahoma.

I stop to take a picture at the state sign but you can’t see the name on the sign. I am in Oklahoma.

Norm called me and said he is on his way I arrived in Boise City and headed to a Love”s truck stop Got a cup of coffee and a salad wasn’t long Norm arrived rain slowed down enough for us to get a few pictures.

I am at my campsite in Boise City had two different Tornado warnings earlier but hoping it settle down. I was chilled to the bone I went in and took a shower and turn the hot water on as hot as I could stand it, just trying to get warm.

Looks like the next couple of days might be rainy and cool maybe even below freezing.

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