Heading Down from South Carolina thru Georgia

For Nov 5th and Nov 6th

Nov 5-2016 from Ivan

Total miles 87972 today

Had a great day very little traffic there would be miles not cars or trucks I could lean back and listen to music and ponder my thoughts.

This morning when I was ready to leave Larry and his wife came out to thank my again and handle me an envelop with a nice donation in it.

Before we left we hug each other and Larry had a prayer for me for our mission and for my safety as I head down the road.

What a great couple and I made more new friends. They even ask me would you like more food to take along.

As I am heading down 301 through little towns that were booming before Interstate 95 was built and 301 was the main route south to Fl. Now there are empty falling down gas stations and lots of motel crumbling that once were booming and this same road that I am traveling, My parents and with three children travel many times in our 1955 Chev and we would take turns sleeping on the back window one on the seat and one on the floor that wouldn’t work today.

As I was coming out of town there 6 construction workers standing on the side of the road in a nice order holding their phones out and taking a video as I went by I couldn’t get my camera up fast enough to take their picture.

I pull in to a gas station in Bamberg, SC and there were a number of fellows standing by and soon were over be the tractor very interesting sentences they were using to describe the tractor. One said where you come from I said Pa no you didn’t you are sh—— me and you are full of it and it wasn’t honey. I finally convince I did and his response Brother you are alright yes you are Brother.

I started pumping gas he went and got his Brother and I heard him said let me tell you the Brother says he drives it from Pa. His Friend said no way you are full of the same not Honey.

He comes around the tractor with his friend and says this is the brother that drove it from Pa his friend says man oh man brother you are a machine no did you drive this from Pa I said 850 miles he walks away and says brother you are insane.

Before I left they all came over shook my hand and said Brother I like you are doing it good you are doing it for a good cause yes you are Brother be safe now you hear and off I putt down 301.

I knew I was getting close to the Georgia state line a high bridge came up and wanted to get a video but has a few trucks come up behind me at that time and needed to watch them and didn’t realize the State sign was in the middle of the bridge and no place to pull over so I stop at the Welcome sign and got me state sign picture.

Headed on down to Sylvania, SCI had google and there was a camp grounds just a little south of the city Pinevale Campground I pulled in and there was a big sign close why they have it on the internet I don’t know there were a few campers and RV’s there.

A car drove in and told me where the owner lives I knock on his door and explain what I was doing and the next campsite is another 22 miles and I was hoping to stop earlier.

He hadn’t seen the tractor and gave me the looks and said well they really aren’t open any more. I replied could I just park. I have a generator.

He walk with me to the tractor and did a double take and I explain to him what we are trying to accomplish.

He said of course you can stay here and just pull right in here and you have full hook up and stay as long as you want. I think I will be staying two nights and try to get caught up with paper work and clean up the camper.

It wasn’t long cars started to drive in here he had got on his phone and started to call all his friends and quite of few were veterans and were here some time and started telling some very interesting stories. I wanted to jump on Smiley and head to the store a mile away.

There are quite a few deer hunters in here, deer season open up and the a camper with 3 fellows walk over and all 3 are veterans and thank us for our mission and ask If I wouldn’t join them around the camp fire tonight, it would be nice but evening I am tired.

The owner is also trying to get a hold of the local newspaper to come out tomorrow.

It was a very interesting day. I thought I only did 50 some miles and realize I had 72 on makes a difference no traffic.

From Ivan Nov 6 2016

total miles traveled today 0

I had a restful day at the campsite catching up and relaxing, Johnabilt, Roster, and Smiley were all ready for a rest. We kept the Sabbath.

We were hitting the pavement fairly hard the last week and every so many days I need a day to get caught after with paper work and clean up and a little rest.

It wasn’t long folks started coming in and wanted to know what we were all about the owner even ask his pastor to come after church. I thought he was a senator by his tie but glad I didn’t say anything until he introduce himself, had a nice visit.

Rested this afternoon, folks kept coming in and a lot were Veterans thanking us for spreading the word. Lot of the local VFW came by and said they are having a meeting Tuesday and will be sending a check for the cause.

Here again this was a booming campsite in the 60’s or before when 301 was popular route south but as the owner says it dried up after 95 became the main route.

I got caught up with my paper work and then clean up the Johnabilt and the camper needed a good cleaning. Cleaned out the frig.

It will be nice starting in fresh tomorrow morning. I am hoping to trek to a camp ground close to Jessup, Georgia tomorrow however I want to stop in at Blanchard John Deere Company in Statesboro, Georgia to pick up a fuel cap. I have been running with a plastic bag with a rubber band wrap around it for three days. We don’t want to talk about this or let Steve Koser know. I left it on a gas pump when I got side track by someone talking to me left it setting on top of the pumps and I know what happen. I take vitamins for my eyes, brain or memory and I actually that day forgot to take them.

Hoping to start out fairly early tomorrow, I think I have around 80 plus miles to cover to my next camp ground, plus stopping in at a John Deere Dealership.

Tomorrow is a new day. I am Blessed.

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