Greetings - Mississippi State Line

March 2nd 2017 - News Update - Ivan,

First of all I lost track of time I realize yesterday was the 2nd of March not 1st.5 am and not till I was waiting for it to get light I realize It was only 4am so I went back to bed for a hour.

Headed west on 84 and came to Mississippi state line stopped to take pictures, the highway turn to 4 lanes and its that way across the whole state, it was so nice traveling all the trucks were able to pass.

Pass two state officer’s setting up radar, I had nothing to worry going 14mph.

Traveling for 2 hours I pulled over to take a break wasn’t long a black pick up pulled up and wanted to know about our mission. His name is Michael Beasley and inform me he loves our mission and said he is a veteran and is a pastor and would like to pray for me and for our mission and for my saftey, so along highway 84 west while traffic buzzed by we bowed our heads and prayed.

I was so grateful and thank him and he was on his way as he was leaving another gentleman stopped Austin Watkins and wish me well and said will be praying.

Continued down 84 heading to Laurel, Miss I found a camp ground 3 miles North of the city, Sleepy Hollow RV park. Very nice camp site and when I drove in the owner came out, they call him Shorty. He said you know I am 75 and I thought I saw it all but you just proved me wrung. I never seen a rig like that. Ask about my mission after explaining it to him he said your night is on us and also bought a book.

After I got settle in I took the camper battery out and loaded it on Smiley and headed to town. I saw a Napa store that I wanted to return my battery.. I was having trouble keeping it charge and they said it had a bad cell. There was a new battery put in September so it was still under warranty and they gave me a new one to put in.

Stopped and got some supplies at the store and I was loaded down on Smiley as you see on the pictures.

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