Green Country Equipment was so generous in helping me

March 29 2017 News Update by Ivan

Honkered down in Boise City, OK

When I woke up this morning it was still very windy and raining very heavy. So I decided to stay here another day hoping this weather will pass.

I called a local John Deere Dealership in town and ask if I could come down and have my oil change they were delighted so this afternoon I headed other side of town and they had me pull in the shop and Greg, Josh and every one at Green Country Equipment was so generous in helping me not only changed my oil we put a new clutch pad on check the rear end oil tighten a few bolts up.

I wanted to settle up with them and they said they were delighted to help.

A big Thank You goes out to Green Country Equipment.

So Johnabilt had his Physical today and pass with flying colors and is ready head out in the morning at day break.

The roster has been cold so I am trying to comfort him cause I will need him in the near future to help pull over the rockies.

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