Oct 28th & Oct 29th Ivan was at this event!!

From Honey Brook, Pennsylvania – to Sarasota, Florida traversing the USA In an effort to do his part to help America’s wounded heroes, C Ivan Stoltzfus will here with his modified 1948 John Deere Model A as Special Guest speaker.

You can meet Ivan at The GAA Classic Cars at the Palace - AUCTIONING 550 Vehicles located at 301 Norwalk St., Greensboro, NC 27407.

This a PUBLIC AUCTION event will be on Oct 28th Friday & Oct 29th Saturday each day gates opening at 8:00 am with the auction beginning promptly at 10:00 am.

Ivan will be there to raise funds and awareness for veterans in need before continues his travels heading toward Sarasota, Florida. After a short stay in Sarasota he will continue to California encircling the USA back to Pennsylvania.

Across America for Wounded Heroes is a 501(c)3 contribution deductibility

Oct 26- 27 2016 from IVAN:

Today, I was in no hurry this forenoon the lot supervisor had ask for me to wait until earl afternoon to come by so they have time to set my rig up.

I gave Smiley a bath and clean up and left only had 11 miles so I took my time coming right through the heart of the City.

There was a lot of traffic but everyone respected Johnabilt so all was well.

On the way I stopped by the Lion Head groceries and stack up on some supplies and then headed down to Greensboro Classic Auto Auction beautiful place cars coming in and am told will be coming in all night 550 total and still have around 250 to come in.

Everyone was very helpful and soon had me set up and they are having a banquet and selling more cars tomorrow night to dealers but Friday and Sat will be the biggest days.

This place is so clean you walk inside and so far as you can see classic cars wow I am in aww.

I feel an honor to been ask to come they set me up in a great spot hoping to be able to raise some funds.

Come and see me Friday and Saturday

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