George Bush in Bryan, TX

March 12 2017 - News Update - Ivan

College Station, TX to Bryan, TX 32 miles

Thought I was going to sleep in but was wide awake at 5;30.

I hung out at the campsite till 9 am since George Bush’s Presidential Library doesn’t open until 12 pm.

I putted up the road and Texas A&M is close by so I had to introduce Johnabilt to a large college and take some photo let him know he could get more education.

I headed over to the Library and hung out and Joshua Rush NAA Auctioneer, friend stopped by to say hi it was nice seeing him and chatting, was wishing I had more time.

I was waiting at the ticket counter at George Bush’s Library for my ticket and a gentleman came up to me and said here is your ticket and Thank you for what you are doing.

I am in aww how people want to help Him and his wife and 4 children from Iowa came to see the Library and saw my rig out side and said thanks for a great mission.

I am feeling the love in Texas, police, veterans and friends.

After I spent some time their, I headed up the highway found myself a camp site and decided to call it a day.

Its cold and windy today.

I was sitting in my camper checking out my route for tomorrow and some one knock on the camper and went out and here is a friend I haven’t seen for 45 years Chub Smucker. He lives in Texas and said he was following me and trying to track me down for the last 6 hours on my GPS.

I jump in his truck and he took me out for dinner thanks Chub.

How do you up date each other on 45 years in one hour.

Tomorrow I head North towards Crawford, it will take me two days.

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