From the Military Order of the Purple Heart

Feb 27th and 28th, 2017 News Update by Ivan,

This was a day of catch up. Working on personal bill paying and Dick Huzzard called wonder if I wanted to go with him and Louise to the Air force musician.It. It was great even had one of the bombs painted JD color, JD provides the paint each year. Came back to camp site this afternoon and tried to figure out what is running my battery down, after talking to Bill Cox President of Stoltzfus RV we figured out it was the generator was shorting out and running the battery down.

Neighbors helping neighbors.

I headed up 20 stopped for gas and stopped in wal-mart bought a cheap battery charger and continued to the DAV (Disable American Veterans) and set up.

Dick and Louise came over and helped all day had a great time meeting some great Veterans and good contacts for the west trip

Had some great donations and sold hats and books.

Different Veteran chapters stopped by and said they already put us on their web sites. Had people stop by as far as 30 miles away saying they saw it in the paper or TV.

Hoping to be able to get some links to share.

Mae is the lady in the wheel chair organize the news media and papers.Rick is handing a check from the Elk’s Lodge and invited me over this eve and I will be staying their over night leaving in the morning for Alabama.

Dick and Louise doing a great job setting up and selling books and t-shirit. It brought memories from 2014 when they traveled with me 10 days or more

With the big Air force base here in Niceville every one is very Patriotically and appreciate we came through Niceville.

Lots of folks wanted their picture taken with Johnabilt.

Move over to the Elk’s Lodge and more folks came by and wanted their picture taken and I am hoping we will be getting some great coverage.

The three gentleman are from the Military Order of the Purple Heart and tell me they have a big following and will be sending out notices on their web sites.

More photos and text added.

This was the sign as we entered Niceville, FL. Had a Wounded Veteran and is wife stop by, had his service dog along with him they are are runners and wanted me to sign my name on their t-shrits. Even the one he was wearing.

Just came out from the Elk’s lodge sold number of books and hats.

Had a good time meeting people.

Tomorrow will be heading out up 85 and than 4 up into Alabama.

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