Even Dancing in my Underwear

March 24 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Memphis, Tx to Claude, Tx 56 miles today

Left the city park in Memphis, Tx this morning at day break.

First of all had a rocking night in the camper and about midnight another storm came through and started raining. I jump up and ran out in my under ware to put the caps on the exhaust pipes of Johnabilt and as I ran out across the grass didn’t know there were sand spurs out their and they are painful. I did some dancing till I got back in the camper and sat down to pull out needles from bottom of my feet.

So glad I was the only one at the park. I may be in a mental institute by now.

I headed north on 287 and with the adjusted carburetor Johnabilt seem to be running great how ever I was noticing little less power on the hills.

Steve ask me to get more plugs if I see a Auto Parts and I stop and got more Spark Plugs knowing I will be needing them as I get into higher elevation.

When I got back to the tractor a gentleman and his daughter were waiting for me , Paul Reynolds and his daughter Chanda.

They said they have been follow me through Texas they saw it on the news earlier in the week,.

He notice my one tire was a little low and I said yaa I keep plugging that one and I must have some more hardware in it.

He said over their is a tire shop and I know the owner he is a veteran. You drive over there and I will buy a new tire. Neighbors helping neighbors, he was so kind.

The business name is Woodwicks Pit Stop and Paul is standing beside the gentleman in the picture putting on the tire his name is Ethan.

I Thank them and before I left he said their will be a check coming to Admin, he wants to help sponsor. Paul also gave me his phone number incase I have any trouble I am to call him he said he has contacts up into Oklahoma along my route. So kind of him.

Headed on north nice shoulders but the wind picked up and its cold 40 and they are saying up to 50 miles hour wind Johnabilt is putting hard and I could feel the wind push back he was groaning I yelled at the rooster to help a few times.

It started raining hard and wind and for the first time even with the heater running I was cold in the cab. I need to dress warmer. It was the wind there were times I hit cross wind and jonabilt would shake but trek right on.

I got a call from Spanky Assiter this afternoon and Thanks to Spanky has the news media line up to meet me at THE Big Texas Steak House home of the 72 oz. tomorrow towards noon.

Hoping we can bring some more awareness for out Veterans.

I came into the town of Claude, TX looking for my campground my GPS took me to a grain elevator I called and the owner told me GPS doesn’t work and gave me directions and now its Raining sleeting and high wind glad to get off the road.

I found the campground its a new campground and I am the only one here little muddy from all the rain will need to wash tires in the morning.

The rain has stopped but very windy the camper is a rocking and will rock me to sleep tonight.

Paul Reynolds told me today this part of Texas we have 4 seasons but we never know which season it is, it can be 100 degrees one day and sleet or snow the next, he said just couple of days ago it was close to 100.

He did inform me its good I am coming through now I will be missing a lot of there big storms and also some of their bigger dust storms.

Well it just started to rain heavy again and high winds.

All is well and thanks for all the support and team effort its nice to have a comfortable camper and to stay in and a cab to ride in during the day especially days like today.

A train pass me along the way, I speeded up but couldn’t keep up.

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