Chuggin Along Bryan,TX to Moody, TX - 70 miles

March 13th - News Update - Ivan

Chuggin Along Bryan,TX to Moody, TX - 70 miles

It was windy, drizzling and 42 this morning when I left the camp ground. Heading up 6 a 4 lane highway but very nice shoulder, wide enough I could run on the shoulder, I was able to run on shoulder all day its more relaxing. I still keep looking back in my left mirror and find my neck getting sore always looking to the left..

On my GPS I notice a Texas RV center along Rt 6 and I am thinking, yes I am stopping there and you recall we found out earlier my converter is out and I bought a charger to put on the camper battery each night since the lights in the camper our 12 volts and run off the battery.

As I was heading north I see another business name RV Source and something just told me I need to stop in their. I go across the 4 lanes and pull in.

I went inside and explain my problem and ask if they might have a converter.

Marcus Scoggins checked what kind I had and sure enough they had one, what a relief.

Marcus went to tell me he feels privilege to help his Son is joining the air force next month.

We soon had things back together I ask what my bill is and he said his time is free and the owner asked if they could put their logo on the camper and they would donate their time and converter. Every one is so gracious and willing to help bring awareness for our veterans as I said before this is a team effort, I am just steering the tractor down the road .

So many are working on the behind scenes to make this work, thank you, I wish every one could ride with me and see the smiles on their faces and the Thank you from the many veterans and police officers I meet, you are all making a difference.

Before I left Kimberly Sliger is their Marketing specialize interview me and took pictures for there web site.

Thank You RV Source you have been so kind, now I won’t have to hook up a charger each evening.

Heading up through Bryan TX I stop at a Shell station for a cup of coffee and wasn’t long a group of people were asking about our mission and when I came out there was a father and his two daughters standing by the tractor.

The two girls Madolyn and Amelie Anderson gave me their allowance for a donation, what great girls and a great Father teaching his children about giving.

I headed on up 6 a 4 lane high way and shoulder for me to run on got up to Marlin and headed west on 7. I kept thinking I should stop for gas but couldn’t remember but same time thinking I didn’t have that many miles on and will the next town, I am in;

well wasn’t long Johnabilt died and yes ran out of gas, got my hose out from my spare tank and started to pump gas thinking no one will know this ever happen well it wasn’t long a good friend of mind from TX was on his way home from FL and spied me along the road of course stopped, all I can say, I can’t get away with anything not even along the road pumping gas thinking no one will ever know about this. lol

Got up close to Bruceville I was close to my camp site. I headed north on this dirt road had 3 miles and it was bumpy took my time and when I got to the hard road it was one way and the camp site was about a quarter mile the other way. I called the camp site and they said either have to go back or just come up the wrung way they aren’t far from me. I did just that and figure I would ask for forgiveness later no one was coming my way before I got to the camp site.

I wash Johnabilt and did a load of laundry and a gentleman came by named Evan with a long white beard very kind man and said he is going to go get some dinner and wanted to get me dinner . So kind had Meatloaf and mash potatoes and beans comfort food.

Little chilly this morning but went up to the high 60’s it is to get in the low 30’s in the morning but warm up later, it became sunny this afternoon sure is nice traveling weather. Pass so many cattle rancher today and fields that are planted in corn and the corn was up about two inches I could see the rows. If you are a farmer that is always exciting to see, you spend all the money on seed and fertilizer and you pray it will come up out of the ground and that is a good feeling, looking down those rows after all the hard work.

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