Believing in Our Great Country - Travelling South from NC to SC

This Blog is for Oct 30th and 31th

From Ivan,

Miles today 94

Didn’t sleep well I was exhausted from the whole day event but got up fairly early and started to pack up and get ready to move further south, wanted to leave early cause they were having Home coming weekend at the two main Universities nearby and I wanted to get out of Greensboro before they all wake up .

I had three great days at GAA and Thanks to Eli who made this possible.

It’s a team effort to bring awareness for our troops that did so much for us so we can be free.

I drove around the building and said my Good Byes to the Guards at the gates and thanked them.

I headed down 421 to 49 down to 8 and into 52 South I see this white truck kept passing me and taking Videos and finally realize its Doug Solomon auctioneer friend of mine. I stop and he escorted me to my camp grounds in Norwood, NC.

As I was coming to the camp grounds there is a fairly steep hill and of course everyone was outside the camp grounds waiting for me they said they could hear me coming and I miss my gear and had to stop and started off in 4th since it was steep.

I pulled in wasn’t long till their where a number of people around and the camp owners said it’s on them.

They have family into the military and want to be able to give back.

Wasn’t long Willian B Lilly Auctioneer in the area came to visit had a nice chat his partner is running for Senate and is hoping to meet me tomorrow. I am looking forward to our visit. Heading to bed early a little wiped out.

Oct 31-2016 Ivans

Total miles 681 miles today 48 - Interesting day.

I slept in until 7; 30 so I didn’t get out as early but knew I didn’t have as many miles today.

As I left the camp ground I was going up this steep hill and Johnabilt stopped in his tracks of course I am very concerned was able to pull to the side, got out and got my gas gauge out and the tank was dry.

I just realize I never stopped for gas yesterday. I always try to in the afternoon before I find a campground so I am filled for the next day at least try to top the tank off.

I tried to start and wouldn’t start after pumping gas over from the spare tank. Now I had to do something I didn’t want to do call Steve but I was glad I did. I forgot the Johnabilt does not have a gas pump and he said turn your key which will open the valve and let the gas run into the carburetor.

Couple minutes he started right up.

I tried to explain to Steve it’s not that I run out of gas I always wanted to know how many miles I could go on one tank let’s say it sounds better to say I was experimenting.

After crawling up the hill little did I realize there was a gas station only 100 yards up the road.

Filled up and now its pass 10 already but knew I didn’t have far to go today tracking down the road started to hear a little noise coming from the clutch drum and the same time the clutch seem loose.

I am thinking, is it going to be one of these days little concerned.

I found a place to pull off and got my tools out and when I open up the clutch cover here the tightening nuts came loose, as I was putting my tools away a gentlemen stop by with his truck and walk around and wanted to know what we are all about.

He is a wounded veteran Joel Blackman a two tour Operation Freedom Veteran, his service dog with him.

I chatted with him for some time and he kept thanking us for what we are doing and wanted some pictures and he also has a Non-Profit working with Veterans he says by helping others its helping him.

Joel talked about Adjusting to Military life was easy as breathing air, but coming home wasn’t so easy.

I think he is running a great program and I want to stay in touch. Working on the clutch was meant to be.

After I got the clutch fixed I was ready to head south again on 52,nice rolling hills beautiful country HWY52 isa two lane no shoulders and I had a lot of truck traffic, lot of logging trucks so it meant stopping a lot and letting them get around.

I pulled in a parking lot it was getting hot in the cab needed to put shorts on and relax walked back and notice the back camper tire is low so this is the first flat tire, got my air hose out and fill up the tire.

Got down to SC State line stopped for pictures and by now I was tired and ready for my campsite.

Came in a town name Cheraw, SC and sure enough found a bank right along 52 we had people looking as I drove in the parking lot.

While I was leaving Tellers were coming out taking pictures and said they never saw anything like that come into their bank.

As I was putting down 52 through Southern NC beautiful country I couldn’t help to think how Great Country can be I had so many people stopping today every time I was setting along the road wondering if I am OK, do I need any help.

It did not matter what race color creed everyone wanted to help. I felt so Blessed. It makes me believe in how our great Country can be.

There are so many good people out there and when you travel down our back country roads through small towns the Heart of American you see the best in America and how great our country can be if we try to work together.

I am at Cheraw, SC State Park by the lake and I need to stay here two days and get caught after in paper work and tractor and camper repairs.

Their is so much history putting down these country roads Johnabilt has been through Tobacco fields, Cotton fields has stop by old buildings thinking if those walls could only speak.

We end up in the camp ground with a beautiful sunset. Will need to send the balance of pictures in another email.


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