An invite to Spanky and Amy’s house for a steak dinner and birthday party!

March 25 2017 - News Update by Ivan

From Claude, TX to Amarillo, TX Total miles

Left Claude, TX around 8; 15 only had 28 miles to Amarillo, TX. It was cold and windy I had 33 when I started off this morning it was windy but not as windy as last night the camper rock so hard at one point I was thinking I should turn it around so the wind hits it in the back instead of the side, I thought I was getting sea sick but by 9 the wind died down and it rock me to sleep.

Had a nice ride up 287 and spoke with Spanky on the phone and he had called the TV station and newspaper to meet me at The famous Great Texas Steak House home of the 72 oz. steak. I was so excited.

Yesterday a train pass me and now this morning its going the opposite way they must of forgot one car, now an hour later its going the other way passing me, oh well I guess they found the car they were looking for.

I arrived in Amarillo and stop and top my gas tanks off and headed to the Texas Steak house.

Spanky surprise me by inviting his good friend Michael Murphy Country Music singer, Kim who works for Spanky and Amy and Keith a good friend.

That place is so cool had a musician singing for us while we ate and no I didn’t order the 72oz.

When we left Spanky spied a veteran and went over to thank him and brought him a long outside he is a 92 War 11 veteran Larry and I love to hear his stories. Check him out on the pictures.

Thank you Spanky Assiter for the lunch treat and when I left their I only had a mile to Amarillo RV campgrounds and went in to pay and they said it’s all taken care of. . Wow I feel so blessed. I am invited to Spanky and Amy’s house for a steak dinner and birthday party tonight at their lake house, they even came and picked me up.

I had some folks question me about why my spark plugs where fowling up. I was traveling west from Florida for number of weeks and everything was fine until the other day Johnabilt started missing climbing up couple of hills talk to Steve Kosher and we were puzzled until it dawn on him that maybe we need to check the elevation and he did and sure enough coming into Jasper, TX I was at 400 Ft about sea level heading west I was climbing didn’t realize it and when I was coming into Memphis, TX Steve called me I was up to 3000 Ft about sea level.

Steve had me adjust the carburetor after I put in new plugs and Johnabilt is running great again. We agreed we will be adjusting the carburetor some more in the next couple of weeks as I continue to climb elevation.

Had a great Steak dinner and birthday party sat out by the lake watching the sun set and sat around a bonfire. What a relaxing day I needed a brake like this.

Thank You Spanky and Amy Assiter you made me feel welcome in Amarillo, TX.

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