A Very Successful Event at GAA Classic Car Auction for AAfWH

Oct 29 From Ivan;

What a great day wasn’t long cars started coming in today was a high end day at GAA and lots of media coverage. Wasn’t long Eli and Auction Manger came out to inform me we couldn’t take Johnabilt over the block it was hard getting him in and the doors our low on the other side of course I would love that but I was thankful what they did offer to let me set up inside on the right side of the auction block lots of action and a nice flow of people.

I set up my stand and was ask to have a care package ready for a charity auction at 12noon. It was very impressive that GAA had a prayer and someone to sing the National Anthem before the auction started at 9.30am.

Wasn’t long the Manager came over and said in a few minutes be ready and can you keep your speech in less than a minute. Thinking of what to say in that short of time I decided to take Jeremy’s Purple Heart with me. (Jeremy Jackson Wounded Veteran gave me his Purple Heart in 2014)

As, I was asked to come forward and was introduce I had no idea what was going to happen next he ask me to tell little about myself.

I spoke on the importance of our Veterans who are keeping us free and brought in the fact I am lead to make another trip to help those that are struggling with PTSD.

Jeremy, I told them how you gave me your Purple Heart and how you gave so much of your self being wounded and now continuing sharing your Purple Heart to bring awareness for those that gave so much to keep us free. I open up the box that I keep it in and there was a silence across the building.

The manger look at me and said you are an Auctioneer why don’t you sell the care package. GAA marketing group help me put together a care package few hats, t-shirts and one of my books.

We not only had the best world class auctioneers and bid spotters in the room I started off at 1,000.00 thought it was a long shot drop to 500.00 someone yells out 2,000.00 I gulp and I knew than we are in for a great ride the auctioneers and bid spotters were yelping jumping up and down and I was about in tears and we were on a roll. Now, the emotions are about taking over me it was hard keeping it together with all the love I was feeling from so many gracious people and all the GAA workers help to make this a success who wanted to support such a good cause.

After I knock it off at 9,000.00 I thought we were finished with the help of the professional auctioneers and bid spotters we had they weren’t finished and soon they had folks yelling out I will give 500.00 I will give 2,500.00 one said 1,000.00 we are up to 13,850.00 and there are more sending checks in or said they will donate through the web.

I was speechless never expected it and I give all the credit to Greensboro Classic Car auction making it all happen. They run a tight program and need to sell a car every 2 minutes so they didn’t have much time but they took the time for the cause that was so important to them.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving in the morning after day light and planning about 80 miles going down 421 out of Greensboro to 49 south to 52 hoping to stay at Norwood camp ground. Eli has been so helpful he already call ahead to an auctioneer friend who is running for Senate this year and is hoping he will meet up with me.

News media did a long interview with me and we are hoping to get their link to put on our web site.

Eli came to visit me at my camper and we made sure all my lights are working on the rig since I had that electric problem and they are all working. I started to tractor up.

Eli and I both agreed wish we could of ran Johnabilt across the block that would of sound pretty inside the building.

I am wiped out but as I told Eli I can’t imagine how he feels it is a high energy auction and to me Eli was as strong at the end as he was in the beginning that is a strong auctioneer.

New day tomorrow new places mile after mile.

Here are some of the pictures as I can send in one email.

Couldn’t thank you for the oppurtunity and making this a very successful event!

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