A Big Thank You To Spanky and Amy

March 26 2017 - News Update by Ivan

Amarillo, TX

Sunday was a restful day. Spent Sat eve with Spanky and Amy Assiter . They were so kind to invite me for a steak dinner and a friends birthday party

Wow what a meal and can Amy ever make the best Prussel Sprouts and yes Spanky does steaks just melted in your mouth, so tender.

Beautiful sun set check out the pictures and wonderful eve by the fire.

I headed back to the camp site and Sunday morning I slept in and headed up to walmart it was only 3 blocks away and got a few supplies and saw they had a hair salon. So I march in and got my self a Wal Mart hair cut. I guess you would call it a blue light special but its a hair cut and I needed one.

Sunday after noon I head back to Spankies house he gave me me his truck and I had a exciting afternoon.

Got to see the Assiter Auction barn or house. Wow very organize and also met the rest of their family, the three horses one Clyde Dale, one regular horse and a pony. They were so gentile like a puppy.

We took a drive down through the canyon. I am told its the second largest canyon in the US I couldn’t get finished taking pictures. It was just beautiful.

Picture of Spanky and Amy at their house.

When we got back to my rig we decided to put the NAA logo on the camper. Spanky has connections he had that logo in a day.

Tim Keller blasted a email out earlier and lot of auctioneers responded to help put a logo to help with our mission and advertise our NAA.

Thanks for all those that contributed and we can keep contributed the funds go towards helping our Veterans who our suffering with PTSD (mental health).

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